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Posted by Richard Mulder on 3/30/2012 to Information for Health Professionals
Information For Health Professionals
Get the CASAA medical infograph on e-cigarettes
E-Cigarettes represent the best method yet to reduce the smoking-related
death and disease rate, because they are a clean nicotine delivery system
and reproduce the smoking experience better than any other product.
Swedish Snus are the best proven safe and effective replacement for
smoking [1] but are not seen as anywhere near as popular by comparison.
The target market for e-cigarettes is older smokers who have failed in several
quit attempts, although all smokers can successfully switch to an e-cigarette
given the correct motivation and advice.
The basic principal behind electronic cigarettes is Tobacco Harm Reduction:
the replacement of a dangerous delivery system by a clean nicotine delivery
system. The harm is almost all caused by the smoke; remove the smoke and
most of the potential for harm goes with it. For the vast majority of people,
with responsible consumption, the consumption of nicotine poses no
identifiable risk. There are no clinical trials or surveys that show nicotine
consumption over several decades has any elevated risk, and this can be
clearly seen at population level from the Snus data.
Is there any evidence this approach works?
Indeed there is. Sweden reduced their smoking death rate by